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✅Las Vegas Real Estate Market Update (June 2013)

✔️In this May update I go over the current inventory numbers, & the relationship between short sales, foreclosures and “traditional sales”. We delve into the


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✅Here Is What Works: Buying "Subject To" Deals – Real Estate Investing

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✅Fix San Diego Real Estate Property v Sell As-is? presented by Kim Ward

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✅Beginners Guide to Buying Property at Auction – (07) 3870 1234 – Rules for Buying at Auction

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✅How I Buy Junk Houses For 12 Cents On The Dollar And Sell Them For Full Price Without Doing Repairs

✔️ Real estate investment expert Joe Crump teaches zero down investing techniques. Learn foreclosures, short sales, “Subject To”, land contracts, “Multi-mortgage” and other creative real