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✅About Filipino Homes a Real Estate Philippines Official AVP

✔️Filipino Homes is the largest comprehensive real estate solutions portal in the Philippines, providing one-stop-shop services for real estate buyers and sellers.


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✅Real Estate Case Study: How an identical home can sell for $59,000 less.

✔️Pay close attention to this: Choosing the right person to help you with your real estate needs is a SUPER IMPORTANT financial decision. In this


✅04 RentingAndLetting (2020) [REAL ESTATE GUIDE]

✔️#frenchriviera #buyinginnice #sellinginnice In this video, we look into buying a property when it’s a professional project and more specifically when you are looking to


✅Maine realtors say it's a good time to buy or sell a house

✔️Maine realtors say it’s a good time to buy or sell a house


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✅State of the Air 2014 Report & Industrial Real Estate Market & Harp Foundation

✔️A new report by the American Lung Association shows the Phoenix area ranks high among the list of most polluted cities. We’ll get an update


✅Real estate industry helps to boost stock market gains

✔️(7 Sep 2014) Egypt’s benchmark index has closed at 9,723 – making a slight gain of 0.76 percent. Analysts say the increase has been stoked


✅Ogden Valley Farmers and Artists Market Presented by Mountain Real Estate Companies

✔️This summer marks the Ogden Valley Farmers & Artists Market’s 5th season. The market provides fresh produce, artist wares, live music, and fun activities for