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✔️The money you earn is partly spent & the rest is saved. Instead of keeping the savings idle, we should use the savings to generate compound returns by investing in stock market.

The sooner one can start investing, the better it is. Investing early allows investments to generate compound returns.

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A stock market is a gathering of buyers and sellers of stocks in a single platform. The participants can be investors and traders who seek profits over the short time or the long run. Investors are able to deal in shares in a fraction of a second. Every day, thousands of crores worth of equities are transacted in the equity market in India. In this video, Vivek has explained in detail the basics of stock market.

Why invest? – 1:24
How to start investing? – 5:01
Types of Market – 6:59
How to open a Demat Account? – 9:53
Why share price move? – 12:05
Capital required to get started – 13:46
What is Sensex & Nifty? – 17:08
Types of Sectors – 19:41
Common Mistakes & Myths – 26:16
Can non-finance people earn money from the stock market? – 28:36
Types of Analysis – 30:08
Technical Analysis – 30:10
Fundamental Analysis – 36:06
What is TechnoFunda Analysis? – 39:38
Tools – 42:03
Books to Learn More – 46:32
Special Gifts – 48:06

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