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✔️Learn how to buy a house out of state. In this video, I go over 3 top tips on what you need to know when buying a house in a different area.
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I have relocated several times in my life and have helped hundreds of families and investors buy homes.

Buying a house out of state is always more difficult than buying a house in the city you live in. Homes are built differently from state to state.

There are 3 main things you NEED to look for if you are going to buy a home in a different state, whether it’s a rental property, second home or primary home.

The following are the 3 main things you need to look for when purchasing a house out of state. In the video, I go over the importance of all of these.

1. You should hire a lender who is in the state (area) that you are buying a home in.

2. Hire a VERY detailed home inspector.

3. Hire a VERY knowledgeable Realtor.

Please contact me if you have any questions about buying a house out of state or if you need a Realtor that knows what they are doing.


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