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✔️First time home buying 101….it’s sometimes amazing the mis-perceptions buyers have about the home buying process. In particular, how representation works. I’m David Seal with Von Ruden and Seal Team of Atlanta Communities and we’re going to talk about some first time home buyer tips. I’ll explain the advantages of having a great agent to help you purchase your home, and how you can get them without it costing you a single dollar!

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I’m a Realtor and managing partner of Von Ruden and Seal Team of Atlanta Communities. I live in Cobb County, Georgia (a suburb on the Northwest side of Atlanta), and specialize in real estate in the surrounding counties, including Atlanta. After entering the Marine Corps in 1987, then working as a civilian for the Air Force, I retired in 2016 from Dobbins Air Reserve Base (Marietta, GA) with a combined 29 years as an air traffic controller. I managed several award-winning facilities during those 29 years, but in 2016 decided I was ready for another challenge, and the opportunity to help people in real estate became my new passion.

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If you want to talk about real estate in the metro Atlanta area, please feel free to email me at: or call me at (404) 738-5774. Georgia real estate license #374567.

Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage–3405 Dallas Hwy Ste 720, Marietta, GA. 30064–Office phone number: (770) 240-2004.



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