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✔️If you are thinking of buying in the East Bay (or anywhere really!) you may wonder what the advantages of buying a home are. They are social, emotional and financial. Watch to see Casey Serafino-Lee discuss them.

What are other social and emotional benefits you have experienced with the benefits of homeownership (or benefits of home ownership) or hope to achieve with homeownership? Comment below ↡

📲 We have so many people contacting us who are moving here to the San Francisco East Bay and we ABSOLUTELY love it! Honestly, if you are moving about the Bay Area, relocating here, or moving out of the Bay😥 , we can make that transition so much easier on you! Contact us early in the game!!

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I’m a full-time Realtor® in the San Francisco East Bay in California. I’m a proud wife and mother, constant learner and daily ice cream eater! My husband and I are foodies and we have two great kids who are taller (thanks to hubby!) and make me look like the shrimp of the family. 😆

I am a Certified as a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, and a First Time Buyer Specialist, e-Pro Real Estate Digital Marketer Certified, and Certified Distressed Property Specialist. Basically, I have a bunch of certifications to say that I love to help both buyers and sellers….and I’m a nerdy person who loves to learn!

I can help with anything you need to know about Real Estate from the San Francisco East Bay. I specialize in Hayward, California and surrounding communities, but my team can help anywhere in the Bay Area. My goal is always to have you work with a specialist in the area that you want to buy or sell in. No one can know and serve all areas….and if they say they can, they are stretching the truth…or they don’t sleep so that they can study the real estate market 24/7.

I come from a car family so I always use this analogy. Cars have mechanics that specialize in areas of the car. You have a car with a transmission that just went out. You can take it into the brake place and they CAN repair the transmission…but they probably shouldn’t as they know about brakes and a little about transmissions. It will probably get done, but it’s not their speciality. I have access to show in ALL of these areas, but I don’t, JUST because I can. It would be a disservice to my clients. I want to give great customer service and I can’t if I am driving all over the state to show homes.

I have specialists in the Tri-Valley (Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore), North Bay (Marin County), North East Bay (Oakland and Bizerkley…I mean Berkeley!) , South Bay, the Peninsula and San Francisco….which has specialists in each district as they are so vast and varied. You can’t just say San Francisco and mean San Francisco!

If you need help in other areas outside of the Bay Area…in other parts of CA (I have videos on those too!), I know Realtors across the country and can get you someone to fit your needs to help you there. I am a networker and know agents across the United States. Really, it’s my excuse to travel. It always is real estate related!

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I am so grateful for all you subscribers, both clients and Realtors®, so thanks for watching my goofy videos! See ya on the next one!

If you want to talk to me about Real estate I would love it if you would email me at or call/text 510.909.6175

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