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✔️Better priced commercial mortgage borrowing using the Government Recovery Loan Scheme.

Most businesses know of the Recovery Loan Scheme, far fewer know you can use it for commercial mortgages, meaning better priced borrowing for owner-occupier and #commercial investment #property.

The scheme works for purchasing commercial property as well as refinancing existing borrowing secured by commercial property.

More details on the scheme are available here –

If you want details or want terms issued on this scheme then you can add your details here –


00:06 – Intro to Commercial mortgages using recovery loan
00:52 – What you can use this scheme for
01:19 – Why it works well for lenders and the price can come down
01:38 – Why paying 4% or 4.5% on your commercial mortgage means this scheme could save you money
01:50 – How long the scheme will run for
02:57 – Summary of commercial mortgages on recovery loan scheme

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