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✔️5 reasons why I think this is a good time to sell your property

Number one: The prices in Florida have risen an astronomical amount, I would estimate 20-30 percent just in the past year alone, and this is way above the average 7 percent that is usually the norm in a good market.

Number two: It is a seller’s market now, I know from my clients that have placed their property on the market, that in some cases they got above asking as there were bidding wars, which is, of course, great for the seller.

Number three: There are many opinions on whether the market will continue going up or start to plateau and start its way to normalize and get back to the pricing we had pre-Covid. My opinion is that once a majority of the people that moved to Florida have to move back to their respective states because they are now required to be in the office will decrease the demand as well as have the potential of many of the units that were bought to be placed back on the market, and can cause pricing to drop if all of sudden there is an influx of inventory.

Number 4: If you sell your property now, you can rent temporary, and if as I estimate the market goes down in the next year or two, you will have the option to buy a new place at a discounted price, and you would have had the opportunity to have sold your place at a premium pocket the profit.

And finally Number 5, and this is my personal observation. A lot of the new people that moved here from states such as New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and others, were usually visiting Florida in the past during the peak season when the weather is beautiful, October – April. Many did not visit during the off months in the summer and Hurricane Season and have not experienced the hot summers yet, or the Hurricane season when it can rain every day for a week, and I think they may be a little surprised once they do.

These are reasons why I think it is a good time to take advantage of the prices going up, and sell your property.

Thank you for watching, please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Arthur Rubinovich

Realtor, LoKation® Real Estate
(305) 409-6529
1900 N Bayshore Dr, Suite 120, Miami, FL 33132

0:00 This is a good time to sell your property
0:07 The prices in Florida have risen astronomically
0:18 It is a seller’s market now
0:29 Will the market continue going up?
0:56 Buy a new place at a discounted price
1:11 Climate in South Florida


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